Top 10 Things to Do On Your Family’s Computer When You Go Home for the Holidays

Traveling for the holidays almost always means that if you’re the tech-savvy, computer literate one in the family, someone will ask you to look at their laptop, phone, or desktop. Head them off at the pass with this list of tips the next time you’re home.

Unless you think you’ll have plenty of time to just hang around and relax while you’re there, with the computer off in the background or another room downloading updates and patches, maybe start Windows Update or fire up the Mac App Store and check for updates there as soon as you get settled.

First, it’ll give the computer something to do after you get there so you’re not immediately assaulted with tech support requests, and second, it’ll get the most time-consuming part of the whole family tech support process out of the way. Let those updates run, install, reboot, and repeat until they’re all done. Then you can move on to other things where you actually need to sit and use the thing.

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